1.    Transport Life & Leisure (TL&L) reserves the right to decline acceptance of a booking by a Member.

Making a Booking

2.    By paying a deposit for your booking you confirm the acceptance of your booking and, agreement with these terms and conditions and any site rules where they may apply.

3.    A deposit of $110.00 (one hundred and ten dollars) is required within 4 weeks of the booking being made.

4.    Full payment of all monies payable is required 4 weeks prior to the member staying at the unit.

5.    If Transport Life & Leisure does not receive full payment 4 weeks prior to the booked period, an Overdue Reminder Notice will be issued to the Member. A $10.00 (ten dollar) late fee will be applied at this time. Once an Overdue Reminder Notice has been issued, the Member has 5 business days to pay for the booking and any applicable fees in full. If the Member does not pay the booking in full the booking will be cancelled.

Cancellation of a Booking

6.    Where a Member chooses to cancel a booking the follow fees will be applied:

a.    Bookings cancelled more than 12 weeks prior to the booked period incur a $20 (twenty dollars) cancellation fee.

b.    Bookings cancelled more than 4 weeks but less than 12 weeks prior to booked period incur a $55 (fifty five dollars) cancellation fee

c.     Bookings cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to the booked period will forfeit the entire deposit.

7.    Where any cancelled booking can be re-booked the deposit will be refunded less any administration fees applied.

Unit Occupancy

8.    The Member agrees to abide by all site rules and by-laws where they apply. The Member can access any such rules via www.tll.org.au or by requesting a copy from the office.

9.    The Member who books the accommodation must ensure that they or their spouse/partner are present during the entire occupancy.

10.The Member agrees that their use of the unit commences at 3:00pm on the first day of the booking. There is strictly no access to the unit or site prior to 3:00pm.

11.The Member agrees to notify the park office on the day they are scheduled to arrive if they are intending to arrive after 5pm.

12.The Member agrees to ensure that the unit does not house more people than permitted. Exceeding the maximum number of people permitted in a unit will result in immediate eviction from the accommodation.

13.The Member agrees to ensure they, and their guests will not cause disturbance or nuisance or interfere with other holiday makers in a disruptive manner. Members, or their guests who are found to be unruly in behaviour will be asked to leave the site immediately by an employee of Transport Life & Leisure or a Site Manager acting on their behalf.

14.The Member agrees to report any issues with the unit directly to Transport Life & Leisure as soon as practicable however, no later than within two business days of vacating the unit.

15.Where an issue is significant and requires immediate attention, the Member agrees to notify the site Manager where applicable or TL&L on (02) 9752 8223.